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2013 Fall Registration Information
CLICK HERE to register for the 2013 Fall League.

Looking for coed? click here.

Start Date:

The 2013 IFFL Fall season will begin on Sunday, September 15th 2013.

Every team is guaranteed a total of at least (8) games for the fall season.

The maximum number of teams will be 40 teams (16 for SUN night, 24 for SUN morning), so register early.

Sunday Night (games 8:00-10:00 PM) will have "A" and "B" Level

Sunday Morning (games 8:00-12:00 AM) will have "A", "B" and "C" levels.

We recommend new teams do not start in "A", but any team can register for "A", even a new team if they wish to do so. A league will be filled with any team that made the A playoffs in the IFFL and or FCFFL league last spring and or fall, and the top 4 B teams as well.

B league is recommend for teams that havent done well in the B or C level for the IFFL and or FCFFL in the past two season, new teams and


The league reserves the right to place teams that registered for "B" into the A league or vice versa prior to the season starting in order to balance out the A and B league.


Night League games will all be on turf in Centreville/Clifton. Morning games will be on turf and grass.

You may carry up to 22 players on your team roster. Each player must have the address field filled out on the online roster (through coach access). If you cannot submit an online roster, you can email the league via the contact link and request a roster form to complete and mail in, or send online. Players may switch teams prior to week 3 games, but may not play for more than one
team on a single Sunday morning and night (can play on only one team in each league). After roster lock (prior to week 3 games) players may not switch teams.
Coach/team rep meeting:

We will hold a coach/team rep meeting August 1st location TBD. At this meeting we will: answer questions, vote on several league policy/rules issues, and pass out information.

Team Pages/Coach Access:

New teams will have accounts set up on the league site once their deposit is received.

Team Fee:

Team fee for the Fall season is $775, this fee is due in TWO payments:

1) DEPOSIT ($350) due in order to register your team.
2) FINAL PAYMENT ($425) due prior to the fourth regular season game.

Alternately you can pay the full amount by clicking "make individual payment" link.

Your teammates can pay a portion of your team fee online by clicking "make individual payment" and selecting your team name. Your team account will be credited accordingly

Your team fee covers: all officiating (season and playoffs), awards, County participant fee, insurance, field use, VFFA fee to qualify teams for State Tournament.

** Team Fee DOES NOT cover the "Out of County Fees", which are assessed by Fairfax County at $30/non-county resident rostered and paid separate from team fee. We will invoice this amount at the end of the season. Those out of county players can pay their own fee online, individually.

INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS CAN NOW PAY ONLINE TOWARDS THEIR TEAM FEES - ANY AMOUNTS AS DIRECTED BY COACHES. Just use the "make individual payment" link under payments page.

State Tournament:

The IFFL Fall league will award tournament bids to the 2013 VFFA State Tournament, which will be held in Fairfax County this year on December 14th and 15th.