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 subject: "11/10 : ScarFace wins A championship vs Panorama 17-7"

Nov 10, 2013
3:05 PM

11/10 : ScarFace wins A championship vs Panorama 17-7

ScarFace improves to 2-0 in the postseason, while Panorama exits at 2-1.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by ScarFaceThe victory continues a 8 game winning streak for ScarFace which now stands at 9 wins in a row.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by Panorama. The loss ends a 5 game winning streak for Panorama.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Gametime temperature was a moderate 66 degrees under clear skies.

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Nov 10, 2013
3:32 PM
Great game Panorama, it was a battle the whole game.

Josh, thanks for running one of the best leagues in VA.

Carlton, thanks for all the officiating, I know its not always easy out there.

tmt #10

Nov 10, 2013
4:00 PM
Great Game Scarface. See you next season.


Nov 11, 2013
11:48 AM
To Scarface for going undefeated and capping it off with the cship. Great season!


Nov 12, 2013
3:45 PM
Didn`t get to see the game. Can I get a recap?

Congrats to both teams for a great season.


Nov 12, 2013
5:20 PM
for the video


asst commissioner

Nov 12, 2013
6:11 PM
No video of this game. I`ll try and give you a recap, but my memory sucks so it`ll probably be off a bit.

I believe Panorama took the opening drive down to score and then held GF but couldn`t score on their second possession. GF scored a TD to make it 7-7 at half. GF got a FG on the opening possession of the second half and then held Panorama. Got a TD to Dan and then got a pick to end the game.

I`m sure I missed a lot of important thing there and got things out of order, but it`s close enough.

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